Slight changes to the Programme / last chance to register!

The PhD seminar is approaching and registration for participants is still open until Monday June 10 via nettskjema. The more people join and participate in lively discussions, the keynotes, talks and presentations, the better the seminar will be for all of us!

There have been some slight changes to the programme, a little re-arrangement of presentations in the middle section of both days. The presentation of Norsk Ordbok 2014 will now be on Friday June 14. Unfortunately, the keynote on Perspectives on Digital Literature had to be canceled but there will be a presentation of HUMlab – the Umeå University’s Digital Humanities, Arts, and Information Technology Institute by Emma Ewadotter instead. We are looking forward to listening to her talk on Saturday June 15!

Immediately following the last coffee & cake break on Saturday June 15, ca. 14:45 there will be an organisational discussion – open to the public and to all who are interested – about forming a digital humanities research and interest group at the University of Oslo and beyond. Its aim is to gather those at the Faculty of Humanities and its many different institutes who are already doing digital humanities (maybe without calling it so) or are planning to engage in digital humanities research, teaching, and practice. A possible outcome of this gathering, besides getting to know each other and learning of ongoing and forthcoming projects at UiO/HF, could be to establish a steering group and a regular (monthly or bi-monthly) informal meeting and look into the matter of integration and visibility of dh at our faculty.

Looking forward to meeting you at Niels Treschows Hus, room 1224 (Niels Henrik Abels vei 36) on Blindern Campus on June 14-15, 2013!


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